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St. Nektarios on the Aegina Island

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Aphaea Temple

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Aegina island sunset


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Our Agency has been operating on the island since 1987.
We are the main agent having been providing for the Saronikos Ferries and
for the Courier SPEEDEX - DHL SERVICE.
We issue Ferry tickets to Piraeus and to all Greek islands. To
Italy-Greece. Air tickets to the whole world.
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- Aegina island is the nearest island from Athens and the largest island in the Saronic golf. 70 min by ship or 35 min by Hydrofoils. In recent time it was the first capital city of modern Greece, in ancient times Aegina was famous coins were first minted here.

- In Aegina you can find the renowned temple of Aphaea, visit impressive archaeological museum and a number of lovely Byzantine churches. This picturesque island, reputed to have the healthiest and dry climate in all Greece.

- Aegina is famous for pistachio nuts" Fistikia"for fresh sea food in traditional tavern's and the old art of Aegenian people" Pottery" - - - - And never forget that Aegina is a link who JOIN the best sites of Athens, the best sites of east Peloponnese (MYKINES -EPIDAYROS-NAYPLION - CORINTH CANAL) and the nearby islands: POROS -


- The contemporary town of Aegina is located within a part of its ancient predecessor, which extends even more to the North. Capodistria had the port piers constructed upon the very foundations of the old commercial port, the small snow-white Chapel of St NIcolas being the today's ornament of the Northern pier.

- There are still remnants of the ancient naval station In the North, called as Kryptos Limin (Hidden port), hardly discernible from the open sea. Only one marble column has been preserved up today from the Doric Temple of Apollo, going back to the 6th Century BC, in the site of Kolona at the highest point of the cape to the North of the port. The modern port gives a very impressive picture with its fishing boats, its cafes and Its brightly painted houses.

- The Island's archaeological museum houses exhibits from the Temple of Aphaea Athena, a statue of Hercules from the Temple of Apollo and vessels going back to the Neolithic Age.

- The town hosted Nikos Kazantzakis, the famous writer, as well as many heroes of the Greek Revolution, such as the families of Trikoupe, Kanaris, Kountoriotte etc. The Omorphi (Beautiful) Church, which is a quarter of an hour away from the town. Is built of old material in 1282, with well-preserved frescos.

- The rest of the island prides worthwhile amenities catering for all tastes as well as archaeological site, sishing villages, beaches and hectic hicht life.
a) The Temple of Hellanlus Jove of the 13th century (11 km), located at the highest point of the port (532 m). The cult of "the God who brings rain" was derived from the people of Thessaly, inhabiting the island during this period. The view from the peak of the mountain is sublime.

b) The Doric Temple of Aphaea, going back to the 6th century (12 km), Is made of local limestone, it is dedicated to the ancient local deity Aphaea, related either to Goddesses Athena or Diana during antiquity; only 24 out of Its original 32 columns stand upright today. There also traces of an even older temple surrounded by pine-trees, the view being excellent from there.

c) Agia Marina (14.5 km), a seaside summer resort with a large sandy beach.

d) Paleochora (6.5 km), the capital of the Island from the 9th to the 19th Centuries, it was destroyed and rebuilt twice. Only 28 out of the island's innumerable churches have been preserved up today. The remnants of the medieval castle wreath the hill.

e) The Abbey of St. Nectarius (6 km), in which Nectarius, the metropolite of Egypt lived and died In 1920. The church of the abbey keeps his bones.

f) Souvala (10 km), a seaside village with a spa.

g) The Abbey of the Chrysoleondisa virgin Mary (8.5 km), one of the oldest abbeys - castles of Greece (1600), with a beautiful carved wooden reredos.

h) Angistri and Moni islands near the town of Aegina, with which they are connected daily
by boat-taxies. The former sports hotels and restaurants and the latter sports a camping

I) Perdika (9 km), a picturesque fishing village apposite the Moni Island.

j) Beaches: save for few beaches In the town, the most well-known beaches of the Island
are: Agia Marina; Styvala; Perdica; Vaya and Marathon.

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aegina island harbor view
Aegina Town

aphaea temple aegina island
Apfaea Temple

St.Nicolas in the harbor
Chapel of St.Nicolas Thalassinos

The Apollo Temple ancient city of aegina
Apollo Temple

view of the harbor
Aegina City View

Aegina Island port
Aegina Port

Boat kaiki market
Boat Market

Fiscerman aegina island
Aegina Island Fisherman

Nuts aegina island
Aegina Pistachio Nuts

fisch market on argina island
Fish Market Aegina Island

aegina town beach
Aegina Island Beach
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